At MTN Guiding our goal is to give you the skills and knowledge you need to get out there and enjoy the mountains safely. Sign up for one of our courses or tell us your goals and let us develop a curriculum to help you get there. Avalanche skills, glacier travel and rescue, ski mountaineering or winter camping, we want to see you progress.

avalanche education, avalanche rescue

Avalanche Skills Training Course (AST-1)

November 18-19, 2018 - Banff, AB - $210

Here's your chance to get the avalanche knowledge you need to start exploring the backcountry. You will learn to identify avalanche terrain, understand how avalanche conditions develop and how avalanches behave, perform companion rescue and how to plan backcountry trips in avalanche terrain.

Day 1 is a classroom day focusing on avalanche knowledge and day 2 is spent entirely in the mountains learning safe travel practices and avalanche rescue skills.

No experience required. Backcountry travel gear (skis/snowboard, skins/snowshoes, etc) and avalanche rescue gear required for the field day.

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Avalanche Skills Training 2 (AST 2)

Feb. 8-11, 2018, Golden, BC - $750

The AST 2 is a four day course that focuses on decision making. Day 1 is spent refreshing and learning about avalanches and snow science. Then we spend 3 days traveling through the backcountry, making decisions and managing risk. This is where you begin to learn how to negotiate terrain to minimize avalanche risk. 

The AST 1 is the minimum prerequisite. For this course we're looking for people with backcountry skiing/riding experience who are looking to work towards bigger terrain. Drop up a line if you want to know more!

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Rope Rescue/Glacier Travel Course

Jan. 20-21, Lake Louise, AB - $240

*6 spots open*

Our 2 day course spends Day 1 getting hands on with rope systems outside in the snow. We show you the simple systems and equipment you need and different gear you may want to make it all easier. Day 2 we take our skills up onto a glacier to ski/ride and put what you've learned to work.

Contact us for more details!