At M-T-N Guiding our goal is to give you the skills and knowledge you need to get out there and enjoy the mountains safely. Sign up for one of our courses or tell us your goals and let us develop a curriculum to help you get there. Avalanche skills, glacier travel and rescue, ski mountaineering or winter camping, we want to see you progress.

Beacon, Probe Shovel!

Beacon, Probe Shovel!

Avalanche Skills Training (AST 1)

Nov. 16-17, 2019. Banff, AB

*Other dates available for groups.

$225/person +gst

Start your backcountry and avalanche safety training! This two day course laid out by Avalanche Canada teaches you the basics for safe backcounty travel. Day 1 we spend in the classroom learning about the avalanche phenomenon and how to manage the risks. Day 2 takes us into the hills to practice rescue and study the snow and terrain first hand. An early season AST allows you to develop the skills and apply your learning all season long.

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Avalanche Skills Training 2 (AST 2)

March 12-15, 2020. Banff/Golden based.

*Other dates available for groups.

$750/person +gst

The AST 2 is a four day course that focuses on decision making. Day 1 is spent refreshing and learning about avalanches and snow science (Banff/Canmore or Golden). Then we spend 3 days traveling through the backcountry, making decisions and managing risk (Kananaskis/ Banff/ Roger’s Pass). This is where you begin to learn how to negotiate terrain and minimize avalanche risk. 

The AST 1 is the minimum prerequisite. For this course we're looking for people with backcountry skiing/riding experience who are looking to work towards bigger terrain. Drop us a line to learn more!

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Rope Rescue/Glacier Travel for Skiers/Riders

Mid-winter dates coming.

*Other dates available for groups.

$280/person +gst. Minimum 4

This two day course teaches you the basics of rope management, glacier travel and crevasse rescue for those skiers/boarders looking to get out on the glaciers this season. We’ll use the Columbia Icefields and nearby areas to teach you the skills and let you practice them in real applications.

Contact us for more details!

Martin Lefebvre

Backcountry Mentor

Days Available All Season Long, Banff - Nelson Based

The easiest way to accelerate your backcountry learning curve is focused days like this with a skilled professional who can fill in the gaps for you. There are a hundred little things that go into a great day of backcountry skiing; from change-overs to efficient movement, reading lines to gear hacks. Decision making in avalanche terrain is the biggest one though and we’ll get you as much practice as possible with a certified guide beside you the whole way. Let’s make you a Mountain-Touring-Ninja.

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Sunrise Lodge Ski Touring

New to This

All Season Long, Banff - Nelson Based

An introduction to touring for beginner to expert skiers/boarders looking to get started in the backcountry. We'll show you how to ski the lines beyond the ski area you've been dreaming of. Learn how to move efficiently and safely in the mountains. The gear, the locations, the avalanche safety and the fun!

See our rates HERE.