Mt Clemenceau Descent, full article by kevin hjertaas

By Martin Lefebvre for the Canadian Alpine Journal 2013

It was around May 15, 2012 when I limped back into the snow safety office at Sunshine Village and had a chance to catch up with Kevin. After a quick hey hows it going, the next words out of my mouth were, “if you ever wanna go to Clemenceau, I'm in!” Without even blinking Kevin said “lets do it!” He immediately hopped on the computer and started looking at weather and flight costs. My jaw dropped and my knee started to swell up upon hearing his response. “Umm... I was thinking more about next year” But it was already too late to turn back. After hearing of the amazing solo descent of the North Face of Bryce we felt like there was a bit of mad rush for the classic un-skied faces of the Rockies. The North Face of Clemenceau had been on Kevin and Eric's wish list for a few years. It was a fat snowpack year in the Rockies, things were getting done and Kevin didn't want to get scooped on this one!



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